Quaker Steak and Lube

Quaker Steak and Lube “Best Wings USA” – Cincinnati, OH

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This review came as a suggestion from one of our readers.  Recently, my wife and I went on a weekend getaway to Cincinnati and being a fan of chicken wings, I’m always eager to try new places especially when those places claim they have the best wings in all the land.  So you can imagine my high expectations.


As you can see below, the decor is strictly meant for the racing enthusiast.  Side note, the Buckeye’s aren’t that friendly of people.  I was getting a lot of weird stares and dirty looks from the patrons.  So I’m glad I waited until the end of the meal to take pictures.

Case in point… this lovely lady.  (click to enlarge)


This guy who could not for the life of him stop staring at me. (Bronchos #58 Von Miller)
Maybe he knew that I’m a Colts fan or maybe Andrew Luck was standing behind me?




Anyway, back to the food…  Here is the Menu

Being the fried pickle connoisseur, my wife ordered them up as our appetizer.  She really liked them, especially the extra added dill to the batter.  They were just ok for me.  I prefer Dill chips over the spears.


For the main course my wife ordered the “New” Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese.  It was actually good.



(Click picture to enlarge)

Obviously, I ordered the wings.  That is why we came in the first place.  I did find it pretty odd that the wings were not listed on the menu until the 9th page, right before the desserts.  I mean, come on.  If you are known for the best Wings in the USA, you need to have them featured right after the appetizers on the menu!  Fail Quaker Steak, fail.  Also, you don’t tell me how many wings come in an order.  Is there some secret wing society that has declared how many wings belong in a single serving???  And whaaat is a Sprintster?  I was a bit confused.  And to add to the confusion… what kind of sauces do they have??  Oh wait.. Those are on the very last page of the menu.  Of course, what was I thinking??  No wonder people are so angry at the restaurant.

(Click to Enlarge)

wings sauces

So I ended up ordering the Supersize Single.  Like I have said in other Wing Reviews (BW3’s), you’ve got to give me lots of sauce options, more is better.  And Quaker has a lot.  One of my favorite sauces is the Spicy Garlic at Buffalo Wild Wings, so I decided on the Golden Garlic.  They look pretty good right?


They weren’t bad, they were not the best I’ve ever had, but they weren’t bad.  I should have ordered them wet.  They were not that saucy, despite how they look in the picture.  The sauce was butter-based.  Which is not my favorite.  The quality of the actual chicken wings were about average.  They weren’t fall off the bone tender, which immediately would have pushed them up to a B+.  I also really wished I would have tried another sauce, I may have left a more satisfied customer if I had.  The Golden Garlic was not that spicy according to my standards.  It was actually pretty tame.  If there is a next time, I would try their Cajun or Supercharged sauces.

Final Thoughts

This was definitely a cool restaurant.  The atmosphere was something like Cracker Barrel on testosterone and racing fuel with all the stuff hanging everywhere.  The patrons were kind of weird with their death stares at me and my camera, but I can over look that.  I would rate Quaker Steak and Lube 3.5 chicken wings out of 5.  I really wanted to rate it higher, but the wings were just average.  Maybe my expectations were too high, but if you’re going to plaster the words, “BEST WINGS USA” on the front of your building, don’t put them on page 9 of your menu.  At any rate, the door handles were cool.

Stay Hungry My Friends



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