Mammaw’s Sweet Shoppe

Located at 3803 SR 26 E, Suite B, Lafayette, IN 47905
Hours 9a-6p Mon-Fri and 10a-3p on Sat
Phone Number 765.269.9591

Also online at

One Word… CUPCAKES!!!!

This post is long overdue.  My birthday was on November 9th and my wife asked me what kind of cake I wanted… without hesitation, I said cake (in the traditional sense, as we know it) will not be necessary this year.  Cupcakes are what I want… and why not?  With a “cake” you have to settle on just one kind cake, but with cupcakes you get to have EVERY kind!  And so that’s what happened… or something very close to that anyway.

And when I think cupcakes, I immediately think of Mammaw’s Sweet Shoppe…

I’m not quite sure when I first discovered Mammaw’s, it’s been at a few years, but we’ve been faithful customers ever since.  I will never forget the day when we went in for our wedding cake test.  Aaron Brown (owner of Mammaw’s) came out with some fresh from the oven french vanilla cupcakes that he just had put icing on.  As I peeled back the cupcake wrapper like a child on Christmas morning waiting to see what magic was inside, I could feel the warmth and smell the sweet vanilla aroma that filled the air.  I took my first bite of what would be the best cupcake that I’ve ever had.

Even when they’re not fresh out of the oven, Mammaw’s Sweet Shoppe’s cupcakes are by far the best in Greater Lafayette.  Each cupcake is moist and fresh and they maintain that freshness even a few days after you buy them (like you needed an excuse to buy some extras.)  Each cupcake ranges in price from $1.00 to $1.50 and they are worth every penny.  We probably went a little overboard for my birthday, but we were celebrating on two separate occasions and wanted to pick up enough to keep everyone satisfied.  ; )  I also have to say that we did go in on a Saturday an hour before they closed, so they were a little low on inventory.  It’s probably best to phone in your order or at least arrive a little earlier than we did.  Below is a sampling of the cupcakes that we purchased.

Cookies & Cream


Carrot Cake

Chocolate Lovers

Peanut Butter Cup

Key Lime


Butter Pecan


In addition to cupcakes, Mammaw’s Sweet Shoppe also does Cakes and Cookies.  I would highly recommend that you get your order in for some Christmas Cookies.  I placed an order on Valentine’s day and fortunately for my faithful audience, I still have the picture that I took with my cell phone… so for your viewing pleasure, I present to the Valentine’s Day Cookies…

I also have to mention that Mammaw’s does Wedding cakes and decor.  After sampling the best cupcake ever, we placed our order for our wedding cake.  The quality was amazing.  So for all my female readers, if you’re looking for a wedding cake, look no further.  I went around the shop and took some pictures of their displays.  (Click on any of the pictures in this post to enlarge)









Final Thoughts

Mammaw’s Sweet Shoppe is amazing.  They are by far my favorite bakery in town.  I would easily rate them 5 out of 5 cupcakes.  While browsing their website, I was pretty excited to see that they do cookies too.  I have yet to find a really good chocolate chip cookie in this town, so I need to place an order and do another review.  Mammaw’s Cookies!!!  Like I said before, get your order in for some Christmas Cookies and pick up a cupcake or two while you’re there.  You won’t regret it!


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