DT Kirby’s

605 Main Street, Lafayette, Indiana – DT Kirby’s

First things first, I think I just ate the best sandwich that I have ever had.  (words I’ve never spoken before)  It was perfect in every way.  So much so, that I did not put it down until it was completely gone.  And as I write this, I have to admit that I’m still thinking about it two days later.  Yes, it was that good.  If you’re ready for your life to be changed, click the Read More link below.   (WARNING: Pictures Will Cause Excessive Drooling)

You’ve been warned.

DT Kirby’s has been around for awhile now.  They first started out only as a bar and later opened a full dining room next door, that is completely separate from the bar area.  The dining room is family friendly.  They do not serve alcohol in the dining room and it even has a different entrance.  We came for the food, we conquered and we were not disappointed.


My nephew and his girlfriend joined my wife and I for dinner and a movie / double date night this past Friday.  We sat at our table for awhile and studied The Menu.  There are a lot of options so it took a few minutes to figure out what to order.  While looking over the menu, my wife quickly spotted the fried pickles so we ordered up two baskets for our table.

click to enlarge

The pickles arrived hot and freshly made.  Each order came with a side of DT Kirby’s special sauce, which I would describe as a spiced up ranch concoction of epic proportions.  The menu describes the pickles as “hand cut & breaded.”  Clearly, that doesn’t begin to describe these.  I can verify that they are hand cut because each bite seemed to vary in thickness.  The batter was crispy and well seasoned.  Let’s just get to the point, I can best sum up the fried pickles like this… once you’ve had these, every other fried pickle experience outside of DT Kirby’s won’t be able to compare and you’ll end up wishing you had just ordered a different appetizer.

We had barely finished off the fried pickles and the rest of our meal came out.

The Bacon Egg Burger
“Covered in bacon, topped with American cheese and fried egg over easy”

click to enlarge

The Fresco Melt  (no onions)
“1/2 Pound Burger, American and Swiss cheese, thousand island on sour dough”

click to enlarge

The Veggie Burger
w/ Pretzel Bun and more Fried Pickles
“A veggie person approved veggie patty topped with choice of cheese and all the veggie toppings”

click to enlarge

My wife ordered the veggie burger.  She said it was amazing and probably the best she’s ever had.

And finally, I saved the greatest for last…

Which Came First  

“Full Seasoned Grilled Chicken Breast, w/fried egg, bacon and American cheese”

click to enlarge

Where do I begin?  The bun was fresh and lightly toasted.  The cheese was melted to perfection.  The egg was fried over easy.  The two strips of bacon were crisp.  And the chicken was seasoned and grilled.

As soon as you wrap your hands around this sandwich and bite down, the silky texture of the yolk begins to slowly ooze out and combine with the rest of the sandwich.  Every single component of the sandwich just melds together and like I admitted at the beginning of the blog, I did not put the sandwich down until it was gone.    And then I thought, is it even possible to make this better?  Surely, not.  But then, out of curiosity, I wondered what this sandwich would be like if the chicken breast were breaded and deep fried.   I honestly can’t say if it would be better or not, but I would love to try it once and find out.  Nonetheless, the sandwich is out of this world.  Absolutely no one else has anything like this going on around here and for that reason only, you need to experience this.  As my good friend JoAnna Jackson always says, “It will change your life.”

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

The fries… we cannot forget the fries.

click to enlarge

They are fresh and they are handcut and there was not a single one left in my basket when I was finished (unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the rest of the people at my table.)  The fries come with the same house sauce that the pickles came with, I just wished they came with just a little bigger cup.

I know this is a small detail… but I even love the ice in the soft drinks.

Final Thoughts

If you’re hungry and you’re in the Lafayette, Indiana area, then consider no other place.  Get yourself and your friends to DT Kirby’s.  You will not be disappointed.  I can’t wait to go back and try some other things, but it’s going to be hard to resist the Which Came First chicken sandwich.  FatGuyEats rates DT Kirby’s 5/5 deep fried pickles with special house sauce and if I could rate it a more than that, I probably would.  The pickles were better than any of those other places, as was everything else that we ordered.  DT Kirby’s has covered every detail and I love it.  It is extremely rare for me to leave a restaurant and think about at least one thing they could have done better.  I couldn’t think of anything this time.  I also have to commend them because of the “Against My Better Judgement, Healthy” page on the menu.  Had it not been for this page, I would have had a MUCH more difficult time convincing my wife to come here on our double-date.  Whether it’s a double-date, guys night, girls night or you’re just looking for a place with good food.  Forget all those other places that you frequent on a regular basis.  If you haven’t been to DT Kirby’s, then you need to go.  That’s it.  You just need to go.

(theater seating at some of the tables)

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2 thoughts on “DT Kirby’s

  1. Thank you & good luck with fatguyseat 🙂

  2. Misty Tarrh on said:

    I LOVE DT Kirby’s!! I could eat their fries every day for the rest of my life!!

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