Fogo De Chao – Brazilian Steakhouse

Downtown Indianapolis… Fogo De Chao

Fogo De Chao is a very unique experience.  I will try to summarize as quickly and with as few words as possible.


Seriously, it a parade of meat that is delivered directly to your plate as soon as you flip over that little green card.  Let me explain.

Let me start off by saying that this was my second visit to Fogo.  So, I won’t be making any rookie mistakes today.  So as soon as you’re seated, you are invited to go sample the salad bar.  Now before you start to judge, I need to say that this isn’t your average salad bar.  Everything on it, including the salad is high quality and very well done.  There is a bowl of fried thick cut bacon for goodness sakes!  I will warn you not to be overtaken by the options on the salad bar.  The goal here is to put down a decent foundation before you begin to punish your stomach.

Kinda pretty, huh?

Once you’ve established your foundation then it’s time to turn the card over to green and not before because as soon as it’s green, you are surrounded by a team of wait staff that is there to serve you.

In less than 60 seconds it beings.  Your drink is refilled.  (No free refills on soda.)  The sides come out and while all this is going on, waiter after waiter comes to your table with large skewers of grilled meat being to swarm the table.  I do have to mention that there is a little bit of a learning curve to the process.  You must be alert and aware at all times.  Once you say yes, you pick up a small pair of tongs and grab onto the meat as they slice it off the skewer.  Any hesitation results in a quick reminder from your waiter.  They are there for one thing and one thing only… to fill your plate with one piece of deliciously grilled meat after another.  In a matter of mere seconds, I had 6 different kinds.  I know what you may be thinking… “But, Kevin… those tasty morsels just look like samples!”   Oh my friends… they may be small… but they are large in numbers.  The waiters keep coming and they won’t be stopped until you flip that card over to the red side.  So what kind of meat are we talking about?

As you can see in the picture, we have a chicken leg, pork sausage, beef wrapped in bacon, chicken wrapped in bacon, filet mignon and parmesan pork tenderloin.

In addition to the meat you also get unlimited side items.  The sides consist of mashed potatoes (not pictured, sorry), fried plantains, and corn cakes.  Did I mention they were unlimited?

I also have to mention the bread.  Normally, I don’t get too excited about bread.  Most restaurants just bring it out as filler to keep you busy while they are preparing your meal.  Fogo on the other hand has these AMAZING little puff cheese balls.  They are little hallow balls of baked bread with just a hint of melted cheese in the center.  I think we may have gone through at least 3 baskets.

I would highly recommend going for lunch rather than dinner.  It’s the same experience for half the price, $26.50 plus tip.  The only issue is that they do not serve lunch on the weekends.  So take a day off work, put on your stretch pants and get on down to Fogo De Chao.  I rate Fogo 5 out of 5 Amazing Cheesy Puff Balls.  (ACPB’s for short)

Stay Hungry my Friends!


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