Poblano’s Mexican Bar and Grill

Pablano’s Mexican Grill opened in West Lafayette this summer and soon became our favorite place for Mexican cuisine.  There are plenty of Mexican food options for Greater Lafayette and I think I’ve been to most of them.  That being said, in terms of food quality, Pablano’s has to rank as one of the best places we have available to us.

I went last week with my nephew for lunch.  Before talking about the food, I have to mention that the service was a little slow, so this may not be the best place to go to lunch if you’re under a time constraint.  It’s also worth mentioning that Poblano’s has been featured on Deal Chicken at least twice now, so keep an eye out for half price coupons.

Pablano’s Facebook Page

Now onto the food…

As with most any Mexican restaurant you are served chips and salsa before your meal.  The chips are nothing special, I would rate them as average in most cases.  The salsa is fresh and chunky, which I really like.  There is nothing worse than really thin watered down salsa, if you can even call it that.  Poblanos is well balanced with tiny chunks of onion and fresh cilantro.  They bring it out in a small flask that is typically shared by two people.

Oops... Almost half empty when I took the picture!

Each person gets their own dipping bowl, so you can double dip your chip all day long if you so desire.  : )   I really like the fact that you get your own bowl.  Normally, I want to add some hot sauce and this would be strictly forbidden if the serving was shared.

I ordered the Arroz Con Pollo (lunch portion) and my nephew got a lunch combo.  The Arroz Con Pollo or (Chicken with Rice) is served with the rice to the side, chicken strips bathed in warm queso and three hot flour tortillas.  The rice, as in most Mexican restaurants, is instant rice.  Will someone please rise to the occasion and stop serving instant rice?!?!  I just feel they could do better here.  The portion of chicken is probably half of what you would receive if ordering from the dinner menu, but it’s quite good and was more than enough to fill my three tortillas.


My nephews lunch combination – Quesadilla, Chicken Enchilada and Rice  (nothing special here… moving along)

Some final thoughts…

I do have to mention that as lackluster as their rice may be, their refried beans are probably one of the best I’ve had at a Mexican restaurant.  So if you’re not afraid beans, I’m sure they would allow you to substitute them for the rice.

The hot sauce they provide is one of my favorites and for the newbie, not really one to mess around with.  Trust me, go light until you’ve had enough to build up a tolerance because they both contain Habanero chilis. (WARNING: HOT)  The green is just as hot as the red.

The drinkware is also worth a shout out.  They bring out your first drink in a classic shaped Coca Cola (plastic) glass.  (Refills come in a normal generic glass… I guess these were a little to expensive to stock)  But there is a lot of liquid here to keep you going for awhile… even if you get a little too much of the previously mentioned hot sauce.

I would rate Poblano’s Mexican Grill 4 out of 5 bottles of hot sauce on most days.  There have been times when the service hasn’t been spectacular, but the food has been consistent and satisfies your craving.

Stay Hungry mis Amigos!


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